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Things to know about Heel Spur Treatment from Podiatrist!


Consider every one of the exercises you do over the span of the day. Presently consider how you would play out those exercises without your feet. We tend to underestimate our feet until the point that something turns out badly. A standout amongst the most irritating and conceivably agonizing foot issue is the heel spur. Playing sports, strolling, remaining for drawn out stretches of time and numerous activity necessities put amazing strain on your feet. [...]

How to deal with Sports injury??


Most of the times, while playing a sport one may push the limitations and the boundaries of our bodies to an extreme after which the body takes a toll on itself. It is something which can’t be avoided and all the sportsmen has to go through. People might take the small injuries during the gameplay a bit lightly but that is the biggest mistake one can make. The small injuries can take up a deadly [...]

5 Tips for the best foot care senior citizen should take!!


You can see that elderly population often suffer from common foot disorders like diabetic ulcers, ingrown toenails, fungus, arthritis, corns, and calluses. Senior citizens can not take proper care of their feet due to difficulty in bending or moving. Here I give you 5 tips for best foot care to the senior citizens : Foot specialists at Gold coast advise you to inspect feet of senior citizens regularly for any kind of infection or circulation [...]

4 Easy Ways to Avoid a Sport Injury!!


Out of all the sports injuries that happen every year, 50% are preventable. Most common sports injuries are bruises, cuts and abrasions, sprains, muscle strain, stress fractures, concussions etc. Taking some really easy precautions can help you prevent sports injuries. Read here 4 easy ways to avoid sport injury : You should be responsible towards your own safety while playing any game. If a batsman forgets helmet, runner his shoes and footy player the mouth [...]

Best Foot Care Advice for Diabetic Patients


Diabetic foot: Diabetic patients can very often feel a burning or tingling sensation in their feet. It may not seem to be a serious problem. However, it may turn out to be problematic. Many patients have claimed to feel extremely uncomfortable because of this condition. This condition is known as diabetic neuropathy. Effects of diabetic neuropathy: Disruption in normal blood glucose level can cause nerve damage in the feet and a reduced supply of blood [...]

Why should you use custom foot Orthotic?


When you buy off the shelf insoles, they may not give you the best results. Only a proficient podiatrists can prescribe what's best for you when it comes to foot orthotics. Orthotics are called as inserts, insoles or orthoses. Experienced podiatrists will prescribe custom foot orthotics for your feet. Custom orthotics are used to treat a range of lower body conditions which can cause pain in lower back, hip, knees, ankles, and feet. If you [...]

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Feet!!


A foot is the most neglected part of our body. We hardly care about it. Very few people go to the parlor for a regular manicure session. So, if you had been ignoring the calls of your feet to clean and polish it, do read this article to find some surprising facts about them. Don't Go Barefoot Anywhere Public showers are not safe for people because they contain the athlete's foot fungus. So, when you [...]

8 Reasons to Treat Your Foot in a Right Way!!


Feet are the foundations of your body. They bear body loads and help us to move in the intended direction. They work like donkeys throughout the life span. And we hardly find time to have care. We remain unthankful unless and until they pain. Our day to day life is now becoming a Gold coast marathon. To win this long marathon of your life, you just need to give then 10 minutes of your precious [...]