Flat Feet Treatment

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When You Should Seek Help From A Podiatrist for Flat Feet.

If you experience foot pain on a regular basis or have any of the listed symptoms consistently, then it may be time to see a Podiatrist. You shouldn’t have to live with foot pain, we’ve helped thousands of people with flat feet get back to their lives fast.

Many people with flat feet never experience symptoms. However, if you have flat feet and do experience symptoms, those may include:

  • Tired or achy feet after you stand or play sports.
  • Foot pain.
  • Pain in your hips.
  • Pain in your lower legs.
  • Pain in your arches.
  • Pain in your ankles.

Obviously different conditions will require specific therapy. This may involve exercises, mobilisation, manipulation, massage, footwear advice an/or postural balance programs.

At birth it is normal for a child to have very flat feet. As the child grows older the arch should usually develop. If the arch hasn’t developed by age 5 or 6, they should be assessed by a podiatrist. They may not require treatment at this stage but it is important to monitor and assess them if you have any concerns.

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