Why should you use custom foot Orthotic?

Why should you use custom foot Orthotic?

When you buy off the shelf insoles, they may not give you the best results. Only a proficient podiatrists can prescribe what’s best for you when it comes to foot orthotics. Orthotics are called as inserts, insoles or orthoses. Experienced podiatrists will prescribe custom foot orthotics for your feet. Custom orthotics are used to treat a range of lower body conditions which can cause pain in lower back, hip, knees, ankles, and feet. If you are wondering why you need to use custom foot orthotic the read below:

What is custom fitted orthotics:

Custom fitted foot orthotics means a personalized pair of shoe inserts. An individual image of each foot with required corrections is used for its design. Technically advanced methods like weight bearing, semi-weight or non-weight bearing ‘subtalar-neutral’ images of the foot are used to build foot orthotics. You can call the orthotics, custom fitted when the end product is individualized and do not follow the standard foot size.

Custom Foot Orthotics


  • Generic shoe inserts are available in standard shoe sizes. You cannot expect these foot wears to answer your specific problems.
  • When it comes to off the shelf insoles, you have limited scope for personalized corrections. In some cases, somewhat modifications are allowed but complete customization is not possible.
  • Custom made heel wedges or correctly positioned metatarsal arch is needed to correct biomedical imbalances or symptomatic conditions which is not possible to correct with generic shoe inserts.


  • In custom foot orthotics, insoles are designed for bio-mechanical imbalances and personal fittings which reduces pain and offer excellent results.
  • Custom fitted foot orthotics provides you long-term relief from predominating symptoms. Nothing can facilitate recovery of poor support to the spine and pelvic regions like personalized footwear.
  • The most positive thing about custom fitted materials is that they work really well with usual shoes of patients suffering from the specific condition.
  • While designing custom foot orthotics your body mass and levels of activity are considered which makes them so perfect.

Consult your podiatrist and prefer custom fitted orthotics in Runaway Bay over generic orthotics to avoid any future complications.