8 Reasons to Treat Your Foot in a Right Way!!

8 Reasons to Treat Your Foot in a Right Way!!

Feet are the foundations of your body. They bear body loads and help us to move in the intended direction. They work like donkeys throughout the life span. And we hardly find time to have care. We remain unthankful unless and until they pain. Our day to day life is now becoming a Gold coast marathon. To win this long marathon of your life, you just need to give then 10 minutes of your precious life.

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Here is the list of 8 activities of 10 minutes that can do wonders so you don’t have to visit foot specialist:

  1. Cleaning:

Remain clean is the ultimate way to lead a healthy life. The same quote applies to your feet too. Cleaning feet in warm water with few drops of liquid soap can actually do wonders. Your dishwasher liquid soap is your perfect mate as it contains skin softeners. You can also use the old soft toothbrush to get rid-off dirt, bacteria, fungus and bad odour. Make sure to pat dry your feet after cleaning with warm water.

  1. Moisturising:

Cleaning your feet with warm water might take away the essential moisture from the skin. To overcome the void moisture, you seek the help of moisturising agents. A winter cold cream, hand cream or your daily moisturiser lotion can help to regain your lost moisture. Apply the moisturiser and leave it to dry naturally.

  1. Soaking:

Soaking is another good to go for. I hate to spend money on pedicures. You can just have a tub of warm water and keep your feet in for 10 minutes. A slight massage here and there can get all your pain away. Drying your feet with the clean towel can keep bacterial infection away too.

  1. Avoid High Heels:

High heel sandals can make you look sexy. But these are nightmares to your calf muscles. Pro-long use of high heels tightens the calf muscles which may result in serious pains. Most women complain about the calf muscle pain later in the evening when they reach home from office or party. The reason my dear is your high heel.

  1. Prefer Shoes with Space:

Seriously tight shoes can put unnecessary pressure on your feet. You can easily prevent them from having a pair of shoes with breathing space. The breathing shoes are made up of fabrics that allow air to circulate.

  1. Massage:

Your feet contain as much as 26 reflexology pressure points. Massage on these pressure points helps the organs to function properly. Massage rollers are helpful for feet. Rubbing your feet over a soft tennis ball for at least a minute can create serious healings.

  1. Exercise:

Fifteen to twenty clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of each foot is the easiest exercise to go for. It re-energizes the blood circulations and keeps the pain away from your ankle joints.

  1. Elevate your Feet:

Lying down on your bed after a long working day is the best way to relax. Just try to put something comfortable under your feet such as pillows. The support of pillows keeps your feet elevated from the level of the bed. Rotational exercise in this position circulates blood and makes you feel relaxed.